As a network of micro-gyms, Silofit maintains its quality of experience with the cooperation of all members of our community.

Here are Silofit’s Top 4 House Rules to remember:

1. Overstay
When booking your hours, please be sure to include time to train as well as any changing, set up, showering or clean up time. No overstays are permitted.

2. Cleanliness
We ask that all users leave the Silo as they found them; this includes sanitizing and putting away any equipment you use and disposing of waste in the appropriate bins.

3. Shirts and Shoes
We ask that all users in the Silo wear shoes for their safety and shirts for everyone's comfort.

4. Noise
Please keep volume at a moderate level, in consideration of fellow tenants and neighbours.

For more information on our House Rules, please refer to Section 3; Silofit House Rules in our Terms of Service.