A Recurring Reservation is a series of sessions that repeat every week on the same day and time. When you create a Recurring Reservation, the selected day, time slot and location is reserved under your account without any date limit until you cancel. You may cancel individual sessions in a Recurring Reservation up to 24 hours before its start time, however three edits or cancellations of the same day and time slot in a 4 week period will trigger the cancellation of all remaining sessions in that Recurring Reservation. Please consult this article for more information.

A Recurring Reservation can be used to secure the same time slot on a weekly basis to accommodate any clients you have with more rigid schedules/preferences. In these cases, you will have to arrange payment directly with your client and independent of Silofit.

If you would like to set up your client as the payee of the Silo fee here, please reach out to our Customer Care team at +1 844 834 2808.

To see how to create a Recurring Reservation, please view the video below. 

How to cancel a Recurring Reservation: