Trainer profiles can be created directly in the SF Pro Coach app. You can expect to see the following fields when completing your profile:

What you want to be known as; for example "Coach" or "Doctor"

Share your story, highlight your goals and relate to your client

Hourly Rate
This is the rate you set for private training sessions. Be sure to include the Silo fee of your city in your amount, as this fee will be deducted from your payout. 

Other Details
Add your Instagram handle, years of experience, insurance, certification, a clear photo etc.

How to set up your trainer profile on the Silofit Pro app:

You can also set your availabilities in the Silofit Pro app:

Once complete, you can set your profile to Public to appear in our directory. Set yourself from Private to Public (and vice versa) by navigating to your Profile page and selecting Settings in the top right hand corner.

How to set your profile Private/Public on the Silofit app:

How to set your profile Private/Public on the Silofit Pro app: