Silofit Pro subscribers registered for daily payouts, and with a public profile can create group classes available to book directly through the app by all Silofit users. Gym-goers can view class listings in their city and reserve their spot up to 24 hours before the start time of the class session.

Trainers interested in creating a class can do so by tapping the “Create a Class” button on the home screen of our booking app. From there you will be able to select the date, time and Silo for your class. You will then be redirected to the next page to Add Class Details.

The Class Details that you will be asked to fill in are as follows:

Name Your Class

Class Description - a class description helps potential clients assess whether a class is an appropriate match for them and their personal fitness goals.

Rate - this is the rate per attendee

Maximum attendees - this is the maximum number of people you are willing to train in one session, and is automatically capped according to your chosen Silo’s maximum capacity allowance.

Reserved Spots - You are able to reserve spots in your own class for any clients that do not have a Silofit account and do not wish to book your class using our app. Payment for reserved spots must be managed independently of Silofit.

Minimum Attendees - this is the minimum number of attendees required for the class to take place. Setting this number to 0 prevents your class from being automatically cancelled by our system, even if there are no attendees signed up for the session.

Offering classes can encourage growth in both your business and revenue by attracting new clients, who may be more likely to try a class session before committing to the higher cost of personal training sessions. 


How to create a class:

How to cancel a class: