What is Team Training at Silofit?

Achieve your fitness goals with the Silofit Team Training program, coached by the world’s top fitness professionals. The program includes three main categories for a balanced mix of cardio and muscle-building exercises: Conditioning, Strength, and Recovery.

Where will the Team Training sessions be taking place?

The sessions will be taking place at 777 Brickell Avenue, Silo B, in Miami, FL.

How much is a Team Training session?

The cost is only $39 USD per spot! 

Do you have a first time offer?

To help you discover our new Silofit Team Training program, you can attend your first team training free of charge! Simply visit https://personaltraining.silofit.com/ and follow the instructions on the page to claim. Please note that this is only applicable to new user sign-ups on the Silofit mobile application.

How do I cancel if I change my mind?

You have up until 24-hours before the start time of the Team Training to cancel your spot. Past that 24-hours, you will be charged for the spot.

Who is hosting the class?

Hosted by Miami-based personal trainer Jaalen Jones.

Jaleen holds a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, where he developed a passion for educating others on biomechanics and healthy lifestyle habits after a lower body injury.

His training protocol begins with assessing each client individually through various tests like proper limb range of motion, exercise form, and corrective stretches to ensure proper recovery.

What is the schedule?

Visit https://personaltraining.silofit.com/ for the full schedule, or check out the Silofit mobile app to see how many spots are available by clicking on “Join a class” at the top of the Home screen page.

How do I sign up for the class(es)?

To sign up, you will need to create an account on our platform by downloading the Silofit mobile application. Once on the app, you will see the Team Trainings available by clicking on the button “Join a class” at the top section of the Home screen. 

What do I have to bring?

Be sure to bring a water bottle, towel, and change of clothes/shoes, should you need it!