Are you a personal trainer with a Silofit Pro subscription? You can now register through Stripe on the Silofit app to start receiving automatic same-day payouts!

Getting started: 

  • On the Silofit app, go to the Profile tab and tap the Register for payouts option in the menu. Follow the instructions to create your Stripe account. 

  • If you don’t have time to finish your registration, you can always come back to it later—all your information will be automatically saved.

  • Once completed, you’ll be able to manage your payouts with your personalized dashboard. Simply tap on the Payouts option from the Profile tab menu. 

Stripe Dashboard 

Use the dashboard to update your personal information, edit the payout frequency, review upcoming payout details, update your banking information and so much more.

Why Stripe Connect?

With same-day payouts, you’ll no longer have to wait several days to be paid by Silofit. All the payments will be deposited to your account on the same day as your group classes and 1:1 sessions with gym-goers. No more guessing gameuse the Stripe Dashboard to keep track of past and upcoming payouts, all in one place.