If you’re interested in growing your business and becoming a Silofit Pro trainer, here is an overview of what’s included in the monthly fee:


  • Track payments and invoices through the app and set your own hourly rates. 

  • Earn free credits towards future reservations by referring other trainers. 

  • Secure weekly recurring sessions at preferential rates as low as $25 per hour and book on-demand sessions through the app at a reduced fixed rate per city. 

  • Safe, clean, and modern spaces to provide your clients with a professional experience; the space is yours for the duration of your session. 

  • Convenient locations in city centres near public transit and early access to new location openings.

  • Communicate with new or existing clients through the Instant Messaging feature. (iOS only, Android coming soon!)

  • Keep your client list organized and manage your current business with the in-app calendar. 

  • Sell public or private packages through your trainer profile. 

  • Advertise group sessions to all Silofit users and get notified when someone signs up. 

  • Create special packages to attract new clients and get matched with users looking for a personal trainer. 

  • Media kit to help you promote your business on your own social media account.

  • Chance to be featured on Silofit’s social media accounts, newsletters and website.

  • Toronto exclusive: access to the SiloHub, a private consultation space created for trainers to meet with clients, track progress and shoot content. 

  • Silofit’s Customer Care team is available to help 7 days a week and you have access to a virtual chat directly in the app for quick answers to all your questions. 

  • Onboarding session after you sign up to go over the Silofit platform and dedicated account manager to help you manage and grow your business.

For more information on Silofit Pro, please send us a message at sales@silofit.com.