Trainers with a Silofit Pro subscription and public profile can create group classes available to all Silofit users, which will be featured and bookable by gym-goers directly through the Silofit app. Trainers interested in creating a class can do so by tapping the “Create a class” button on the home screen; from there, they’ll enter their class details, including date/time, duration, location, and number of attendees. 


Anyone with a Silofit account on the app will be able to find and book classes, and trainers can also share a unique link to their class from the app to their social media accounts or by text message. The tool also allows trainers to reserve spots to their class for attendees without a Silofit account if needed. 



Group classes are a great way to grow your business and revenue while attracting new clients. Additionally, we’re making things easier by managing payments directly from the Silofit app. You’ll have complete freedom to decide what type of class you want to offer and where/when you want to offer it. It is also possible to create recurring group classes for weekly sessions.  



Group sessions are a great way to get the personal training experience at a lower price. This also allows you to try a session with a trainer before committing to higher cost individual sessions. Group classes are great for meeting new people in a motivating environment!



Interested in joining a class? You’ll find the “Join a class” button on the home screen of the app, next to the “Book a trainer” button. Scroll down the list of available sessions to find one you want to try out. You can also book multiple spots if you want to bring a friend.