If you’d like quick access to emergency services, you can grab the wireless CareTrak™ emergency button located in the Silo. You’ll find it either hanging on the wall or next to the front entrance.

In the event that you lose the ability to contact help by phone, simply click on this button to contact the CareTrak™ team so that they may dispatch emergency services to your location. Our team will ensure that they will be able to enter the space quickly and easily.


Every Silo is equipped with a First Aid and Biohazard Kit. Our team keeps these up-to-date and fully stocked for any emergencies.

In the event that you enter the Silo and find exposed blood, bandaids or potentially harmful substances/items, please contact our Silofit Support team immediately by calling 1-844-834-2808. We'll be happy to dispatch our Operations team to arrive on-site to clean up, and/or relocate you to a different space.